Friday, June 1, 2012


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Except for a couple ewes that my daughter owns we are finished lambing.  The nightly barn checks have ended and we are transitioning the ewes and lambs apart for weaning and moving everyone to pasture. 


It has me thinking how much life does just that.  It changes.  Seasons come but they do not stay.  No matter what we do the kids grow up, the economy rises and falls and dreams come true.   We are always in perpetual movement, even when we are standing still.

Changes are….

We have finally completed all the work necessary for foster care and adoption.  Our homestudy has been approved and we are waiting our license from the state.  And, in the bedroom just next to my office lay two little ones fending off sleep.   So desperate for love they already call me mom even though I introduced myself as Miss Rachel and they wave at everyone they meet.  My heart breaks and I think about how inadequate I am.

Changes are constant.

I must admit I wonder if I am up for the job.  If we as a family are up for the job.  I know, I know God equips those He calls but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I am just a bit scared.   And I think, would be foolish not to be…

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  1. Rachel -

    Great post! We are in the midst of cria season, and yes, the seasons keep changing here on the farm, was shearing seasons, now cria season, next halter training the cria (when they finally get here :) ).

    ...the fact you ask yourself if you are up for it makes me think are you totally on the right track. It's the people who tell you they know it all and really believe that, and never ask for any support or suggestions, they scare me. :)



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