Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Real Food: the continuation…

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Yep, we are still at it.  And I have never felt better!  My hormones are balancing out (I barely had PMS last cycle and if you knew me well you would know that has always been a huge struggle), my mood has been better all around, I have had much less fatigue (I didn’t know that you could make it to 3:00 without dying for a nap!) and my blotchy skin is clear enough to go make up free.  No make up is amazing!  I have worn make up to cover my terrible complexion since I was 12…unless you count the times I wore it without permission. Winking smile  That is just the beginning.  I could go on for HOURS about the difference cutting out processed foods has made not just in myself but in my children too, especially my son with Autism.   In fact I call my sister (who has been living with real foods for years) often and do just that!

We have had nothing out of a box or can (aside from crushed tomatoes twice) for about 2 months, no refined table sugar and we treat high fructose corn syrup like the plague (I don’t care what the commercials say, now that it is out of my system I realize how much I was reacting to it.  Refined sugar doesn’t do to me what that stuff does!)  When we visit someone else’s home we eat whatever is offered with thankfulness (aside from Josiah, tried letting him have the occasional whatever meal and it.was.not.good) but at home our meals are focused on real foods eaten the way God designed them as often as possible.   My husband still loves a good hot dog roast so I give in here but we try to find the best hot dogs we can without breaking the budget!

A typical day is something like this:

Breakfast is sourdough whole wheat muffins, pancakes or homemade granola with farm fresh eggs a time or two.  Of course our beverage of choice is raw milk from our lovely cows.

Lunch is often plenty of veggies, many times raw with fruit for dessert and a bit or pasta or rice here and there or a slice of sourdough bread with real butter.

Dinner is pretty similar to lunch but often we have grass fed beef or lamb in addition to our veggies.  (there are many benefits to living on the farm, being able to control what’s put into our meat is one of them)

I have also been juicing a bit for the kids but especially Josiah and I.  For me because I figure years of tossing junk in takes a toll on the body and juice help with the detoxing needed and for Josiah because Autistic children often battle with digestive issues and I see it as an opportunity to give him a few extra nutrients that his body doesn’t have to work so hard to process.

I probably sound like a fanatic (and I probably am) but wow!  what a difference real food makes!

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