Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought you might like a tour of the farm. First let's meet the animals!

This is Doc. Doc is a Minitaure Long-haired Daschund given to me when our oldest son died. The rule at the time was "NO dogs upstairs!" The rule has since changed and Doc goes pretty much wherever he wants (including Dad's favorite chair). We have had a lot of training issues with Doc, but by the grace of God ( a lots of patience) we have been able to work through them and he behaves very well now. Doc thinks he is the resident guard dog and we haven't told him any different. It wouldn't do any good anyway, he would still bark like crazy!

Doc is really enjoying the snow right now, and even with it well over his head he still bounds through it easily! At chore time you can find him outside with the kids and me making sure everything is in order.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to The Counting Sheep Farm Blog!

The farming way of life is not for everyone we are told but there is no doubt it is the life for us! We have found such joy here, despite the occasional sorrow.

We have welcomed new life.
We have cried over lost lambs.
A few of us try to ride the hair off the horses.

And we are still amazed at how tall the corn grows......

We work hard.......

And we play harder!

We are thankful for this little piece of time and land the Lord has graciously loaned to us.

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