Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays!


The little ones and I are in Memphis visiting my sister and her brand new baby!


We spent the day at the Memphis Zoo enjoying 50 degree temperatures during December!




We saw lions, and tigers and bears!  Oh my!


And a hippo :)


As we marveled at God’s creation (I mean really, how cool are Mandarin Ducks???) I couldn’t help but think of the season and all that it means.   How amazing that a God so creative, so thoughtful, so full of glory would come as a a manager…to live and die for us.

May your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations be blessed!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Casting On…


I love this latest yarn.  I have yet to name it but as soon as I do I promise to list it in the store.



I want to make slippers.  In fact I had finally decided on these.  But the checkout got all wonky and wouldn’t let me pay.   And I really, really wanted to make them. 

So I went with these.   You can’t beat free.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A plan for feeding the kids…

I went back to my old stand by:

drumroll please…

The Weekly Menu!

I really, really wish there was an app for this.

I am feeling particularly motivated to occupy the kitchen again.


I have a sponge started for homemade bagels.


I am simmering the cooking the chicken and vegetables part of Chicken Soup.


And I have made up with my sourdough starter.

Sometimes we break….

There a little things and then there are big things…

things that get out of hand, things that are difficult, things that confuse us…things that hurt.


They come at us daily and we dodge them and deflect them and catch them and do all that the thing of the moment seems to require.

And sometimes, maybe most of the time, we do quite well…

Then other times

We break.

Not because we are not strong enough but because we forget to bend.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Three of my kids take Karate at the local school.  


Recently Josiah started having some issues at home.  Not huge but it was obvious that he needed some direction.   Josiah has autism and does really well but it takes patience to teach him new things. 

I am happy to say that now Josiah is also taking karate and doing well!  (He is dragging mom and his sister Twila along for the ride.)  Mom, however is worn out. completely.

Oh, Oh an update on the diet: I lost 3lbs!  Yay!

scavenger hunt

Have you checked the Ravelry contest out yet?   You should!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Contest!!

We are doing a different type of challenge.   The prize is a Farm Fresh Care Package which will include 4 ounces of fiber or yarn, a bar of handmade soup and 4 ounces of raw honey from our hives.

The details are all here.

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