Saturday, April 24, 2010

The best laid plans….

First, it rained all morning.    No problem, it is supposed to clear up this afternoon in enough time for the shearing and farm open house.   Some dear friends helped with the food, others brought picnic tables.  We were all set….we thought.   At about 1:00 the shearer called.  To.cancel.   AHHHHHH……

I’ll admit it.  I panicked.   I even considered shearing the 30 sheep myself (not as crazy as it sounds, I really do now how).  Finally we decided just to go with it.   We did a farm tour and gave horse back rides.  We enjoyed food with friends, new and old and even had some help milking the cow.   Sorry God, for what I said to You.  You really do know best, I shouldn’t have doubted.



We also have a new Cormo ewe lamb!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Lambs!

skating 068

We are almost done with lambing this year but I thought you would like to see the lambs we have so far!

skating 082 

This is Twila’s little Ram lamb Basil.   He is a Finn/Jacob cross.   He looks like he’s going to have a beautiful spotted fleece that is mostly white.

skating 083

skating 084

This is Bubba.  He is 100% Cormo.   He has the beautiful curls typical of the Cormo breed and is a big boy!

skating 088

Bailey is a bit on the small size.  He also has a small black spot on his knee but he has some lovely curls!

skating 090

Blueberry is also a large ram lamb (he was born a day ago and he is almost the same size as Bubba who is a big boy himself!).  Just like the other guys I expect him to have exceptional fleece just like his father.

skating 091

This beautiful girl is 1/8 Border Leicester and 7/8 Cormo.   Look at that beautiful color!  Her name is Beth.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gossip has it…..

there’s been quite a bit of activity in the barn.  First a ram lamb was born on Easter Sunday.


Since this is our second year breeding all the lambs born this year will have names starting with “B” we have named him Bubba :)  He is 100% Cormo and has the startings of a beautiful fleece.


DSC_0095 copy

Then today there was quite a commotion when two new Silkie Chickens joined the free range crew.



Twig (the Icelandic Chicken pictured above) was pretty upset with the newcomers but I think everyone is settling in nicely now.

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