Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Lambs!

skating 068

We are almost done with lambing this year but I thought you would like to see the lambs we have so far!

skating 082 

This is Twila’s little Ram lamb Basil.   He is a Finn/Jacob cross.   He looks like he’s going to have a beautiful spotted fleece that is mostly white.

skating 083

skating 084

This is Bubba.  He is 100% Cormo.   He has the beautiful curls typical of the Cormo breed and is a big boy!

skating 088

Bailey is a bit on the small size.  He also has a small black spot on his knee but he has some lovely curls!

skating 090

Blueberry is also a large ram lamb (he was born a day ago and he is almost the same size as Bubba who is a big boy himself!).  Just like the other guys I expect him to have exceptional fleece just like his father.

skating 091

This beautiful girl is 1/8 Border Leicester and 7/8 Cormo.   Look at that beautiful color!  Her name is Beth.

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