Saturday, April 24, 2010

The best laid plans….

First, it rained all morning.    No problem, it is supposed to clear up this afternoon in enough time for the shearing and farm open house.   Some dear friends helped with the food, others brought picnic tables.  We were all set….we thought.   At about 1:00 the shearer called.  To.cancel.   AHHHHHH……

I’ll admit it.  I panicked.   I even considered shearing the 30 sheep myself (not as crazy as it sounds, I really do now how).  Finally we decided just to go with it.   We did a farm tour and gave horse back rides.  We enjoyed food with friends, new and old and even had some help milking the cow.   Sorry God, for what I said to You.  You really do know best, I shouldn’t have doubted.



We also have a new Cormo ewe lamb!


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  1. The newamb is so adorable. Are you going to schedule another shearing day?


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