Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Little Lamb…..

living in my house at the moment is Mercy.


Mercy is a beautiful Icelandic lamb born slightly premature (only4lbs at birth) and honestly I didn’t even think she was going to live.   She had been trampled by her mom and was bleeding from her mouth, had a really weak sucking reflex and seemed completely unable to use her back legs.  I worried that the trampling had caused serious damage.    The resident 10 year old is not so quick to give up faith and she sat by her box praying for her and petting her.  We fed her at regular intervals and kept her comfortable.   I’ll be snuckered if that little lamb didn’t stand up on her own.   The bleeding in her mouth had appeared to stop (we now know it was caused by a cut but couldn’t see it until it began to heal) and she was eating with vigor.   All seemed well until she peed for the first time…it was red with blood.  Twila went back to praying and wouldn’t now it, the blood in her urine was completely gone within hours.   We’ll have a quick look over by the vet to be sure but I think I am going to learn to just have the faith of child.   Sometimes things go bad but gee whiz, sometimes they don’t!!

(The name was Twila’s idea.   She felt it was fitting because in her opinion God had mercy on Mercy.)


  1. What a beautiful story of faith! God bless Twila for her faith!

  2. Awww... how wonderful is that?! Mercy is so precious! Be sure to let us know what the vet says. My guess is that she'll end up being the most gregarious member of the family! ;)


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