Friday, May 7, 2010

The end of lambing season…


Our final lamb was born yesterday, a lovely ram lamb.  The is our second lambing season and it wasn’t without it’s difficulties.   We lost two ewe lambs: one to pneumonia, the other was a wrong presentation that we weren’t able to get out soon enough.   I know that dying is part of living but I ended this season wondering if I was made of tough enough stuff to try again next year.  As I buried my beautiful CormoX lamb (a twin, thankfully I still have her sister) I cried like a baby and wondered if I should be done breeding sheep forever.


But then another little lamb comes along and I forget the pain for the joy of new life.   So will I continue breeding sheep?   Yes, I will…and I will still cry when things go wrong.  I think after all, part of joy is understanding sorrow.


Little Mercy is doing great by the way!   She is convinced Twila is her mom and she often serves as taxi for Peter Pan, Twila’s parrotlet.   And…..she is still, well, in my house.  I know, I know but we just haven’t had the heart to put her outside yet.   She thinks she’s a people after all.

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  1. I'm glad tha Mercy is doing well. I think you have a new indoor pet.


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