Monday, May 24, 2010

Website updates are tedious….

I want to be outside right now working in the garden or sitting with my sheep….or watching my chickens, even mowing the lawn.   Instead I will be sitting in front of this sloooow computer updating the website.   I should be thankful (and I am, really) but I just wish there was a trick to make it go faster!

I did get some new colorways dyed up:


This one is called Desert Bloom and I love it!  In fact I am going to dye some up in fingering weight for a shawl for me.  (Don’t worry I will dye some up for you too!)


I call this one Raspberry Bush.   I am anxious to see it reskeined.  It’s fabulous the way it is but it always takes on a different character once it’s reskeined.

In farm news, Mama Cow will be artificially inseminated tomorrow with a registered Dexter Bull.  We are praying that she not 0nly takes on the first try but that she has a heifer (I know we only have a 50% chance but we’ve got nothing if we don’t have hope!)


We also have two Cormo Ram Lambs available.   One will be registered, the other has a small black spot so we won’t register him (blame those recessive genes!)  but he would be great for crossing another breed as he still has beautiful fleece.   We also have one lovely Cormo Cross Ewe for sale.  Beth is a beautiful black lamb and I will be just as happy if no one buys her!

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  1. Love the colorways! Good luck with the cow romance...


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