Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 5 of the Real Foods Challenge


I just finished eating stewed figs with yogurt!  I have never had most of the things that I am eating this week.  In fact I just ate asparagus for the first time today.

The challenge comes at a perfect time because I am learning so much about nutrition through the Family Herbalist course I am taking.  I just finished the unit on bread and I am so thankful that I spent the last two years perfecting my sourdough.   Not only does true sourdough have a lower glycemic index, it also makes the nutrients in the bread more readily available and pre-digests the gluten during the long raising process.   There are lots of wonderful things brewing in those 8-12 hours it takes for the bread to fully rise.

So far the challenge has gone well.  The kids have complained a bit but neither they nor I are really sure why.  When I ask them “Didn’t you enjoy the homemade granola?” they swear they love it.  In fact only a few things have the thumbs down. (Unfortunately sourdough bread is one of them.  Sourdough blueberry muffins on the other hand were a hit!)

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