Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Food Challenge: Beyond the 10 days…

As I have mentioned before we began adding whole foods to our diet before the official real foods challenge bgan so in all we have been moving from processed  to real whole foods for about 7 weeks.   The 10 day challenge gave me the ability to present the diet change to my family in a way that seemed fun and allowed us to eliminate the small vices and see that not only could we live without them but we didn’t really miss them….

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I am making enough bread to justify buying wheat flour by the 50 pound bag!   (The picture above shows how we store it.)  We are using primarily sourdough bread and I have learned to use natural sweeteners like sucanat (which is great btw!)  We go through fruits and vegetables like crazy and we have even invested in a juicer.

It is amazing the changes that I see in my children.  They are able to focus on school better, they have more energy and my picky eater is eating like crazy and his stomach aches have stopped.   The most amazing changes however,  have been in Josiah, our 16 year old son with Autism.

Josiah used to ask nonsensical questions (at least to us) like “Why isn’t pizza a skinny round oval?”   “Are you normal to me?” or “Am a light tan and not a dark tan?”.   Those questions have stopped.  Completely.  Not only that but he has been able to express complete thoughts, something he hasn’t been able to do before.   He misses his treats full of high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners and colors but his mom thinks it’s a more than fair trade!

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  1. This is so cool! It is amazing what eating right can do for you. :) We're a little slower over at our house, but I do want to move towards 100% real food as much as possible. :D


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