Monday, November 7, 2011

If Wishes Were Horses….

beggars would ride.

Another day home and a lot was accomplished…

the dye pots were filled

I found that crazy camera charger

tied up some loose ends and worked on a few to dos

Tomorrow I head back to the hospital.  My uncle isn’t saying much now….

I wish my sister still lived just down the road from the hospital, not forever away in Memphis.  She’s nurse you know…

I wish that everything wasn’t happening so fast.  I wish it wasn’t happening at all…

I wish my uncle could go to Florida one more time…just like he wanted.

I wish I was a little stronger, a little wiser…

But wishes doesn’t make anything easier and it doesn’t mend broken hearts.

Hope on the other hand…now that is something to hang on to.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog via a search for Icelandic chickens. Do you sell fertile eggs?

    I have Cascade sheep, they are basically mini-Icelandic sheep. I am curious about your Finnish Sheep, do you like them? If so what do you like about them?

    Why did you stop breeding your Jacob's?

    Love your webpage. When we started our farmstead we wanted Icelandic chickens and either Jacobs, Icelandic's, or Finn's - that is why I have so many questions.

    Feel free to answer over at my blog whenever you get a chance.


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