Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Childhood Favorites

With the recent death of my uncle I found the Phatfiber theme for December (Childhood Favorites) poignant.


I did three separate colorways: Hardy Dam, Hardy Pond and Sirens.


Each summer, we spent the lazy days at Hardy Dam.   You would find us floating in the pontoon boat on the pond or swimming at the beach right by the dam.   We made a lifetime of memories on that water.


I did the Sirens colorway because as a child I would often stare at the light reflecting on the deep water as we floated in my father’s lastest fix her up speed boat and wonder just what was under there.  I was quite sure there were mermaids.  There are only 2! samples of the Sirens colorway.  If you happen to get one be sure to let me know you found the Siren! and I will send you a 4 ounce braid of the Sirens colorway.  Good luck!

ornament wings vintage image graphicsfairy2bw

As a side note, Twila and I made it to Irish Dance class after missing the last two weeks and my instructor and I had interesting conversation about life and death and what we really mourn for…

As I drove home I scanned through the stations and came upon the song If I Die Young.  I have heard it before but never really listened.   I love the part where it says…

Save your tears, keep ‘em in your pocket.  Save ‘em for time when you’re really gonna need them.

I think Uncle Dan would have liked that too.  I think he would agree.

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