Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Because My Husband Asked…

for pictures of our chickens, I thought a blogpost was in order. :)


This is Scrapper.  She is some sort of Silkie mix a friend gave me because of my fondness for Silkie Chickens.   She works well in our free range group because her eyes are not covered like a full Silkie’s would be.  Oh and did I mention her name is Scrapper?   There is a reason for that.


This is Rudy.  He is an Icelandic chicken.  I suspect that a bit of Silkie is in there too.   I intended to kept the breed pure but didn’t think it through when I put them with the Silkie crosses.   (You are shocked aren’t you?  Those who know me know I rarely think it through)  You see the Silkies are great for sitting on the eggs BUT the eggs they lay are the same color and I can’t tell which are which.   ::Le Sigh::


Here is the chicken congregation.  I am not sure what the meeting was about, they are got quiet when I showed up.  As you see we have more mutts; lesson learned.  However, they still lay a good amount of eggs and keep the mosquito population down in the summer.


Here you see our Icelandic Rooster Yosemite Sam and the other Silkie that’s been causing all the trouble, Alice.  Perhaps that is what the meetings about….must be serious if they let the roosters in.


Our two Icelandic Hens, Henny Penny and Twig.


I asked the ewe lambs what was going on but they wouldn’t talk…




And the calves were no help either.  I doubt the chickens were discussing the need to bring more bottles of milk, however insistent these two are.


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