Saturday, June 22, 2013

So, here’s the truth…

Yesterday was day 3 of the challenge.  Today is day 4.   Want to know how many hugs I got in yesterday?   Exactly one.each.   The only thing we did together was eat.  The littles spent all their time pushing, trying to find the edge.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am exhausted and by gosh, I think they’ve found it.
Part of me hesitates being this honest, this out there.  But you know what?   We are never healed by hiding.   It is not the struggle that defines you it’s what you do in response to the struggle.  On one hand you could say I am not successfully completing this challenge.  You could look at all the junk that is coming to the surface and shake your head.  You could.   I won’t.   I will see the junk as an invitation to clean the wounds a bit more…I will not beat myself up for natural, human responses, instead I will move into more grace for myself.   I will celebrate what is right and I will remedy what is wrong.
There is still some healing to be done in me so that I can move more completely in love.  Life ebbs and flows and I am more capable at one moment then another.   I will take a deep breath and just be still in the moment that is here, however it looks.  I will know that He is God and He is taking me further than I thought I would go but I will also know this: what He has begun in me, He will complete.


  1. Hey Rachel, I'm just reading this now, but I've got to commend you lady. When I struggle with my one 3yo boy, (who as far as we no has no diagnoseable issues) you are a huge inspiration and encouragement. Keep up the good, Godly work, even when you feel like you've failed. I'm praying for you! I'm also intending to start this- every kid needs hugs right

    1. ((((Sarah)))) So glad to hear from you! I will miss seeing you at fiber events this year but I am excited about what God has in store for your family! Thank you so much for the encouragement, friend. And yes, everyone needs hugs!


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