Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oooh..this is gonna sting a bit…

So someone suggested we do challenges specifically to help us meet the needs of our trauma kiddos.  Someone else suggested this:
(drum roll please)
Christine Moer’s Attachment Challenge
So some brave souls are doing it.   Start today, start tomorrow.  Just start and blog about it.   Let us know we are not alone.   Let us know that you are human too.   Let us know just exactly how you rocked this!
Today is day one for me.   I will check in tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  I will be focusing on the challenge through next Tuesday.  

Also if you are no already reading Christine’s blog…do it.  Watch her videos too.   Really, it will help. 

***Important note: please don’t exclude yourself from the children just because you haven’t adopted/fostered/worked with trauma/whatever.   This is a good challenge to do with any children.   Now go rock it mamma!

Are you working through the attachment challenge?   Link it up here baby.   I can just feel the mojo...

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