Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meanwhile on the farm…

I made it home from Memphis and have been sorely remiss in not showing you the new lambs!  

2012 04 21_0769

Twin Icelandic Ewes out of Lacey and Bam Bam

Leah's Ram lamb 2012

Twin Ram lamb out of Leah and Cassius (Cormo X Finn)

Rosemary's ewe lambs 2012

Twin Ewe lambs out of Rosemary and Roland (Jacob X Finn)

Daivds lamb out of Beth 2012

Single Ewe out of our first time lamber Beth and Roland (Cormo X Finn)

We have a barn full of Cormo Ewes that are ready to lamb anytime!  It is an exciting time here on the farm!

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