Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Falling in love all over again….

I have always loved homeschooling my children.  I enjoy being with them, watching them learn.  I love organizing the days and teaching my children just how much God loves them.

Lately though I have been burned out.  Homeschooling hasn’t been fun.  It seems like once the older children graduated and I spent time focus on transcripts and college requirements that I forgot the joy and the wonder with my younger ones.

This past week however I traveled to my sister’s home in Memphis TN we went to the Great Homeschool Convention and I have fallen in love all over again.

First I listened to Dr. Kathy Koch of Celebrate Kids, Inc.  She wrote a fabulous book called How Am I Smart?

imageI can not recommend it enough.  She inspired me to look closely at how my kids are designed to help them reach the potential God has placed in them.

We also heard several wonderful speakers including Nancy Campbell, Diana Waring and Tedd Tripp.  We learned about teaching History, loving our children and husbands and training our children to have good habits are good work ethics.

And the curriculum!   Wow, there were vendors galore!  I took the children around with me and let them pick out their own.    Here’s what they chose:

Math: They loved the manipulatives for MathUSee (even the 12 year old) and didn’t care to look at any of the others.

Writing: For writing they chose the program from Institute for Excellence in Writing.  I was surprised as it seems really intense but they were sure this was what they wanted.

Spelling/Reading: This was the biggest shocker of all!  For Spelling/Reading and Grammar they chose The Logic of English.  A great program don’t get me wrong but there are no bells and whistles.  Still, the boys are excited to get started.

Science: The boys walked by a booth complete with a car running in circles and they were convinced that was the science for them.  Exploration Science won their vote!

I ordered a new homeschool planner and bought a few teaching helps so as soon as we make it home we are ready to go!

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