Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

I am slowly but slowly getting my mojo back.  It seems that every year around this time I run into a brick wall and feel completely burned out.   I am finding that I just need to take a month or two off and renew my focus.  That’s pretty much where I have been.   Blogging, ravelry, dyeing, even knitting has been slow to non- existent.   We even took a break from school (that is the benefit of doing school year round!)

Monday we started anew!   Some farm fresh Cormo combed top has been dyed and is drying.  School is in full swing.  Everything is full speed ahead.  And it feels good!

I recently enrolled in the Family Herbalist program through Vintage Remedies and I am learning so much!  I have always been interested in Natural Health but it felt way over my head, this course has been great.  I just finished Unit Two: Macronutrients and wow! I am changing the way I eat.  God in His wisdom gave us exactly what we need to keep our bodies healthy.  I am learning that the key is starting slow.  I can’t make changes that stick overnight but I can do one thing at a time.  Because of my blood sugar issues I decided to tackle sweeteners first.   I bought a bag of sucanat and I am all set to try out some recipes.  If you have a good recipe I would love to try it!  Next I will be eliminating soda….I am a little nervous about that step!  (oooh these mini courses are pretty appealing too!)

Tomorrow night is my Miche starting up party.  I am a nervous wreck.  What if no one shows?  Worse yet…what if only one person shows and we stare at each other in horror!  Okay, I am not really expecting that but you know.   There are a few new shells that were just released that I am hoping to earn enough money to purchase (yes, that is why I decided to sell Miche, to fund my habit!)




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  1. At my Pampered Chef grand opening, the only people that came were my Parents and teenage sister. I was pretty sad that nobody else came. BUT, I had tons of appetizers, and I had planned on having a crowd. I used the experience to do my cooking show - get in some practice, and talk more intimately with my parents about the products.

    I doubt you'll have that few people come to your party - but if you do, know that it can be a positive experience, even if it is a little mortifying and heartbreaking. And that you aren't the only one. I'll commiserate with you.


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