Saturday, March 16, 2013

Operation: Save a Lamb!

Hypothermia.  It happens :/  And it always happens when someone is late for work, sick or in high heels.  
Somewhere between 3am and 7am this little ewe and her brother were born to a new mom.  
She must have hit the ground first because Bobbi found her laying in mucus barely breathing.   
So we brought her in and started the warming up process (which in our case involves a hair dryer on low) within 10 minutes she began to make suckling movements with her mouth, a good sign but we still had to use a stomach tube to feed her.  Bobbi had to leave for work so Twila and I are watching over her in her little basket, keeping her warm.
Hopefully she will begin to use the food in her belly for energy and we will be out of the woods.   The danger is that these little lambs have very little fat stores and once it’s depleted (it gets used up when they are unable to eat because they are too cold) there is nothing you can do.   She seems to be maintaining her own body heat now, so prayerfully all will be well.


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    1. She did! She is now outside in the barn with her mom, sassy as can be :)


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