Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stash Busting!

I have found the perfect pattern for stash busting my smallish skeins of handspun!   WabiSabi Mitts are knitted flat then seamed but the beauty of it is that you knit two at a time and then stop when you run out of yarn!   I love it!



Please note if you search for them on Ravelry use WabiSabiMitts.  It won’t show up if you put in spaces.

I have also been knitting the multi-directional scarf like crazy!  It is another great stash buster.

These patterns work great for phatfiber samples!  I spin them all together either after blending them into a batt or spinning each separately into one yarn.   It make a great funky mitt or scarf.


This is a set of warmies I am making for my daughter using the WabiSabi Mitts, The multi-directional scarf (knitted more narrow for use as a headband) and little cowl. (I will have to look up the name for that one)


As you can see on the top of the mitts I used the left over handspun I had from the last mitts (I was foolishly hoping to get two pairs out of one skein) and finished the mitts using my phatfiber sample yarn.


Here is a close up of the yarn.  How fun and funky is that?

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