Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It’s Fall!!

It has been a lovely warm fall here in Michigan.  The last couple of days are the first that I have really felt the need for a coat.   Today I am sporting my fuzzy pink sweater :)   It was only 66 degrees in the house this morning (the farmer likes it cold, his wife does not)!


The sweater was knitted by Evelyn from The Old Farm Girl.  By the way did I show you the hat she made me?   I didn’t?



In other news… with fear and trepidation I have decided to join in on the Bramble Berry Swap Your Heart Out soap swap.  I have been making my soaps for about 2 years now and selling a little here and there for about a year.   I have decided to ramp it up a bit and sell more and thought this would be a great way to push myself. 

Today’s Etsy update includes lots and lots of batts :) Don’t forget there’s 15% off everything (even those things already discounted!) through the rest of the week.

farm fresh batts



November’s Phatfiber Samples full sized versions are also going in the store today.

King of the Forest is 270 yards, 75% Wool, 25% Nylon and is the first in my Wizard of Oz Colorway series.    Watch for the Scarecrow coming soon!


Stratosphere is my loose interpretation of the Phatfiber November theme Seasons of light.  It is such a lovely theme but it had me completely stumped!   I kept coming back to stars which give light and settled on Stratosphere….


and Milky Way.


Next month’s theme is Music Box, thankfully I am not low on ideas for that one!

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