Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Good Morning!  The yarn has been rinsed and it is ready to hang dry, new supplies have been ordered, pictures taken, day planned and I am just about to leave for zumba.   I love productive mornings!

I have begun the dyeing for the November Farm Fresh Care Package Fiber Club.   Wanna see?



I also have some yummy, yummy soap to show off…



Christmas Candy soap has a wonderful peppermint smell and produces a creamy lather.   Yum!!!   I will let you know when it’s in the Etsy store.

Finally, I wanted to show you the beautiful swap package I received from PrettyPurly but I left my box in the van after showing it off at spin guild (it’s cold here in MI, I wasn’t up to the run outside to the van) so that will have to wait until next post.   But….check out her beautiful stuff!


Talk to ya later….it’s time for Zumba!!

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  1. Ok, I am totally buying some of that soap when it reaches your shop.


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