Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update and Free Shipping!!

Sorry for the terrible picture but be sure to check out the new batts in the etsy store! And mention FREESHIPOCT and I will refund shipping now until Monday Oct. 19th
I don't know how it goes at your house but here if it isn't one thing it's fifteen! The washing machine is slowly dying, along with the dryer; it is taking the poor oven about 30 mins to reach temp and we won't mention the trouble my husband is having with his truck.......then we find this in my daughter's ceiling:

Just in case you can't tell, that is a yellow jacket nest. Tell me, how did she NOT hear that when she went to bed????? When the weather started getting cool they start coming into the house to look for food. Nice huh? Did I mention the house is full of birds???? Luckily Orkin was able to convince me they wouldn't harm the birds with the insecticide.

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