Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's that time of year.......

Time for winter squash and apples (lots and lots of apples) and the general putting away of food. The mornings are getting cold here in Michigan, very cold(!) and I am glad to pawn off morning chores to the kids :) (Don't worry I do my share of chores!)

Mama cow is still supplying us with plenty of milk and there is cheddar and parmesan cheese in the basement, cottage cheese in the refrigerator and the beginnings of lactic cheese ripening on the stove.

Fall means it is time to start homeschooling again so each morning we all sit around listening to the stories that are lined up for the day. One morning, after Tyler had been here about 3 days he decided he wanted to come sit on my lap and enjoy the story with us. Life is good!

We are looking forward to finally shearing the Icelandics on Friday. After several rainy days we had to reschedule, here's to hoping this time goes off without a hitch!

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