Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Before we get to our regularly schedule blog I would like to share this blog post with you. As I was driving to a town close to my house I passed by a large dairy farm, now sitting vacant, with an auction sign in front. I thought Lona's post was good "food" for thought.

After rescheduling because of the rain we finally have our icelandic ewes sheared :) They are waiting to be skirted and are on the list for tomorrow. (the long, never ending list......)
This beautiful fleece comes from Maisy. This picture shows the cut ends. Once it is skirted I will post pictures of the full fleece.
And this fleece is from Daisy :)
Just so you can put a face with the name, pictured above is Maisy......(isn't she so cute?)
and this is Daisy, happily chewing her cud.

We have BamBam and Pebbles together for breeding. We will be milking the Icelandics and making cheese (for our own use until we can afford to jump through the required hoops) and soap.

This is my new milking parlor! The shepherd has been working diligently, and has the beginnings of two stantions. We are considering adding a Jersey cow to our farm. I am still happily making cheese and my lasagna with homemade ricotta and mozzarella was a hit at the last church potluck!

We have added yet another bird to the family (Jack makes six!) Jack will be the last addition for a while. While at the vet with Tyler, the reception asked "Do you want a cockatiel?" Apparently her husband was not too fond of him :(
Tyler amazes us everyday with his large vocabulary. He whistles songs, belches, rings the phone (and the sets off the alarm clock, not to mention the microwave) and says many words and phrases including:
Give me a kiss.
Do you want something?
Hey, Come here!
and his latest: Hey Todd! (I must say that alot!)

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  1. Loved reading your updates this afternoon, Rachel! I read Lona's blog last night, too. I am lucky to know so many amazing Michigan fiber women ;) Hugs, Cary


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