Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peach Cobbler


The timer beeped on the oven just as I was walking through the kitchen.  It’s been one of those days….one child is sick (and screaming) another child is upset that I left him at home to go grocery shopping (and screaming) and I am a bit sick myself (and considering screaming).  Today was the second day of homeschool and the peaches absolutely could.not.wait one more day to be canned.

As is typical for me, I had wonderful plans for all that we would learn today.  The children with their sweet cherub faces would look up to me with smiles, me, the doting mother meeting each and every need.  

We have so many expectations of ourselves as mothers…so many lines that must be crossed or we declare ourselves failures.  For a moment I was overwhelmed by that list left undone but I decided to look at the day in a different light.   There are only so many hours to do all that must be done and in those hours I did so much more right than I gave myself credit for….

I spoke kindly when the child mashed his peanut butter sandwich into the table.  Consequences were given but not with anger.

The peaches did get canned and the jam was made.

Everyone was clean (well, mostly) fed and loved on.

The dishes were washed and put away.

And the peach cobbler was delightful.

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