Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In the end….

A couple of weeks ago I cried myself to sleep.  I am 37 years old but I went to bed bawling like a baby.    We are now 15 months into this journey with Abraham and Isaiah.   I have been so angry I thought my head would explode.   I have been so dog tired I literally couldn’t take another step.   I have been so discouraged by the behaviors I was seeing that I dreaded the morning.  I have doubted myself.  I have doubted our system.  I have even doubted God.   But you know what I have never done?

Regretted a single moment.


Last evening I picked up two infants.  Last night was long;  up every hour with a newborn.  This time we go into it with the intention of reuniting this precious ones with their parents… last time we knew that we were headed toward adoption.    My heart aches for these parents and babies.  May God heal and redeem…

I know, I know it sounds crazy.  WHY would we take on two infants when we already have our hands full?    I can’t explain.  All I know is God says go and we go.  

Why in the world are we doing this?

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