Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear Todd II,

Can you believe you would have been 25 on Wednesday?   Of course you can.  There you are..outside of time bound no longer by days and years.  I wonder if you see us.   Remember how worried we were that Eli would never grow up?  Seems silly now….grow up he did.   He still takes care of Josiah all the time.  He brings him to work a couple of days a week and to karate.  

Joey is going to college and will start at Ferris soon.  Electrical engineering…not surprising huh? 

Bobbi runs the restaurant all by herself.  She is still great at bossing people around :)

You won’t recognize Twila!  She is 12 years old!   Just barely 5 when you left us.  David is 11 now and Jed is almost 10 (it’s important that I mention that).  And then there are the two peanuts.  Yeah, all those conversations about adoption….remember?

Your dad finds his happiest moments here on the farm.  You wouldn’t believe it!  We have sheep (15 delivered today!) cows AND chickens!  Remember how badly I wanted chickens?

What I wouldn’t give for one more conversation.  I have so much to tell you!   I will save it in my heart until we meet again…

Love you,


ps. We remember.  Every day we remember you.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I stopped in after seeing your address on an Essential Ours post. (I was excited to see someone else who raises her own children rather than turning them over to institutions.) Anyway, had to visit and ended up scrolling down to this post.

    Just wanted to let you know that today you are being prayed for, for never-ending healing through your loss, by someone who's living it as well.


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