Monday, August 20, 2012

Ewe Hottie!!

Ahhhh…home again!  Just spent the weekend at the Michigan Fiber Festival and it was lovely as usual.  Zeillingers was kind enough to bring my finished fiber (it’s been sitting there since April!  Good thing I pay when I drop it off!) so I have lots of yummy stuff to play with!


Allison (my business partner for the past 5 or so years) makes a wonderful rug yarn that was used to make the rug in the picture and we sold every.single.bump!  If you were there and missed out you can reach her at

Everyone loved our business name (Ewe Hottie) and we couldn’t keep our cute bags in stock.   In fact we are ordering more right now!  

Our next show is Northern Lamb and Wool in West Branch.   In the meantime we would love it if you would like our facebook page:  It is in need of a little work yet but that’s where you will find coupons for the shows and where we will be next!

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  1. I loved that rug made from the corded rug yarn...Very Cool!


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