Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well, hello there!

Wow, is it really 2012?  

As is typical when a new year comes around I have revisited my goals.  This year I decided to make some crafty goals.   One of those goals is to start learning to make lace.

2012 01 10_0081_edited-1

This is my first project.  It will get better with time and practice, right?  Smile

2012 01 10_0082_edited-1

I started on a second bee so that I am work on those things that I thought would make the going easier.   For instance this time around I used beeswax on the thread.  

I have a list of several other projects that I want to work on and I think my best bet is to “schedule” them!

Here’s my crafty goal list for 2012:

  • Complete one weaving project
  • Sew at least once a week
  • Complete one rug hooking project
  • Finish all my knitting WIP
  • Make curtains for the living room
  • Complete one bobbin lace project

What are your crafty goals for 2012?


  1. Crafty goals for 2012:
    1. Socks, lots of socks for lots of people
    2. Amigurumi critters for the Christmas 2012 box
    3. Scrubbies and dishcloths, can never have enough of those
    4. Hats, there are lots of hats in my queue
    5. Monsters, I have a book of monsters that needs to be knit
    6. more bears for
    7. 2 woven baby blankets for expected babies in the extended family
    8. I'm sure I've left something off

  2. What kind of lace is that? It's lovely.


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