Monday, January 16, 2012

Ile De France Sheep

As I mentioned yesterday, we travelled to Iowa to pick up a full blood Ile De France Ram.

2012 01 16_0750_edited-1

Jacques is 9 months and is 100% Ile De France.   That is important because the breed is relatively new to the US and there are not many of these guys yet.  A program has recently been developed however so that full blood and percentage Ile De France sheep can be registered in the United States.

Ile De France Sheep (named after the region where they were developed) are a cross between Merino and Dishley Leicester breeds and are the main meat breed in France.  They adapt well to any environment, both hot and cold and make good use of any forage that is available to them. 

Although known mostly for their meat confirmation and maternal instincts the wool they produce is between 25-29 microns and a staple length of roughly 4 inches making them a dual purpose breed. 


  1. So when do we get to see some of this wool for our spindles?

  2. Who are you going to breed him with? Do you have any Ile de France ewes yet?

    Would love to test the fleece..


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