Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I should be on the S.O.A.P Team…

or please oh please pick me!

What is the S.O.A.P team?   It is a panel of 8 (only 8! ahhhh!) people that help pick 2 new fragrances for Summer 2012.  Interested?  Click here for more details.

Now back to my shameless plea….

The first part of the application is to talk about your favorite Bramble Berry fragrance.  Easy…my favorite is Spellbound Woods.   Scent is all about ambiance for me, it needs to take me somewhere for me to love it.  Spellbound Woods does just that.  I smell it and I am sent into the deep dark forest hiding from wolves in my red cloak.   (I have a vivid imagination.)   I love the depth of the scent, I seem to be able to feel the soil rich with leaves and there is something else…somewhere there are flowers blooming I think.  It is faint but just enough.

The second part is a list of why I should be on the panel…

  • I love scent.  It makes me happy.  It makes me sad.  It moves me in many directions.
  • I can be clever, making it easier for me to give good descriptions.
  • I work well with deadlines. 
  • I love to make soap. 
  • I am honest.
  • I have been making soap for about 2 years.  Long enough that I can make a good bar of soap but not so long that I am an expert.  Because I am bit on the new side I will see things that a more skilled soap maker may miss because they automatically know how to work around it.
  • I have 8 kids, it will be great to have an excuse to make soap because I have to!  
  • I really, really want to be on the panel!

Shameless plea over.   Have a great day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Eight kids! You are a better person than I am! Wow. Impressive.

    Clever is good - that will serve you well in all your endeavors.

    Thanks for the application =)))


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