Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somewhere between serendipity and chance…

You find the grace of God.   A place where you can let out the breath you’ve been holding, collapse in your favorite chair and let the tension and fear melt away.  


Sometimes you do everything right and still everything goes wrong.   And sometimes…..

despite your worst fumbling…….

it all goes right. 


We found Lacy and her little ram lamb in the pasture during morning chores.   Warm and dry and nursing well, he is a hefty little guy despite his small size.   Our careful watching was evidently not careful enough and we completely missed how close she was to giving birth.   All that was left was to move them to the barn (although it seemed a bit pointless) and whisper Thank you….


Sometimes grace shines down like the sun, warming you and making everything shine.   And sometime it wraps you like a blanket and wards off the cold.   I have spent many a night the last 3 weeks plodding through the snow (or mud) in my fuzzy bathrobe to check on the Leah, the ewe pictured above.   Many times I found that she had once again prolapsed.   For the nights I lay awake worrying there was grace.  


For the night we found the lambs finally born (we had worried we were going to lose them all before it was all said and done) there was grace.   There was grace as we desperately tried to warm them up and get them to eat….and grace was right there when we discovered that Leahwas finally being to produce milk and being to feel well enough to stand.

There is something in shepherding that whispers the heart of God.    Love, hope beyond reason…..grace


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