Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joy and Struggle….

It all seems to meet at lambing time. 

So far we have eight healthy lambs.  Joy!






(Don’t worry this little guy is only covered in blood because he missed the udder and bumped into the afterbirth.  I know, lambing can be messy business)


And here’s the struggle…

The picture above is Leah.  Leah is a colored Cormo cross and is due in April.  During a routine check of those ewes still out at pasture we discovered that she had a vaginal prolapse.   We carefully cleaned everything up and put it all back where it belonged.  In the picture above you see the twine that we used as a makeshift prolapse harness to make do until the actual harness showed up.  She is now suited up in her new harness (thanks Allison and Todd for letting me borrow yours!)  which is helping but I found her prolapsed again this morning.   We are doing all we can to keep her comfortable but it is exhausting business.   She seems to be taking it all in stride as every time I check on her I find her happily chewing on her cud!

I wish that these things wouldn’t wait to happen until it’s a storm, a blizzard or I am in my high heels….

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  1. what cute lambs!!!

    I hope Leah is now on the mend. Do you need to keep her in a harness until she delivers?



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