Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Friend Owns a Dairy Farm…Part 1

Sometime ago I dreamed of owning my very own cow, for my very own milk.   I begged, pleaded and cajoled.  I even drug my son into the whole mess.   (A mess which he loves.   He now owns three cows and sells cow shares.) 

And one fine day we got our very first cow. 

Now I should say…I have always had a sense of respect for the farmer.   I have always thought they worked hard and got a bum rap at times.   I really thought I was pro farmer before I became a farmer.   I didn’t realize how far removed from my food I really was…

On the before mentioned fine day I sat down to milk my very own cow for my very own milk.   When I finally finished I vowed never to complain about the price of milk again!  I had been slapped in the face with a tail (covered in manure), knocked over, and slimed.  She left the barn cleaner than I was and wondering what all the fuss was about.

But these animals get under your skin.  You don’t care about the slop and the mess.   Instead you are thankful for this sweet animal and her wonderful milk!

I still didn’t understand much about a real dairy farmer.   I will admit as much as I tried to be pro farmer some preconceived notions slipped in…many of them shaped by HSUS and other masked do-gooders.   But I wanted another cow.   I wanted a Jersey.  I was tried of being kicked and bullied by the temperamental Dexter.   Enter Kate and Roger,  registered Jersey breeders and **gasp**  commercial dairy farmers….


I want to tell you about my friend Kate and her husband.   I want you to understand how hard they work at what they love.    I want you to applaud them and in the end I want you to stand behind them.  They are America’s Dairy Farmer and what they do is good.


  1. Hooray for dairy farmers--the salt of the earth!

    (BTW, I will *TRY* not to hold it against you that you actually believed anything that HSUS says. They are a four-letter word to me.)

  2. Amen! My husband does nutritional work for dairy farms in 2 states, and sometimes, I think my kids keep the entire dairy industry doing themselves! lol! I'm a new follower and look forward to reading the rest of the story, too! :)

  3. Can't wait to read more. I grew up on a beef farm, but have a secret fascination with dairy farms. You had some great comments on #agchat tonight


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