Monday, January 17, 2011

Chore Time!


Every evening at about 4:30, you will find the Pecks out doors feeding all the animals.   The sheep gather at the gate as  the back door opens convinced they have been starved (trust me they haven’t).


Josiah, our 15 year old son does all the water chores.   If I don’t catch him before he goes out he will go without a coat.   Josiah has Autism and is a huge blessing; he has done so much better than anyone expected and is a huge help around the farm.   He still needs to wear a coat though :)….and gloves!


Buddy is our farm dog.  His job is to keep any stray dogs off the farm and away from the sheep.   He supervises chores and keeps us in line.


Layla and Daisy May find the camera interesting and take a few moments from eating to smile. 



Milking is a family affair and the cats watch in hopes that they might get a few drops.


Thanks for stopping at chore time!  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

In other news, this week’s update is all done.  Stop by see what is new!


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  1. We sneak out to the barn right before school each morning to give the Alpacas their kibble and feed the barn cat plus let the Chickens out then mid-afternoon the hay and water get taken care of. I'm having issues with scooping the poo right now. I think I pulled a major muscle or sprained something in my right arm due to the poo scooping. Argh!


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