Monday, December 13, 2010


Thanks to Gloria for the lovely package for the Phatfiber Holiday Swap!



Thanks to Karin for a lovely ornament swap package…


And thanks to God….

Many of you know that I have trouble with my TMJ joint and my jaw has been partially locked for months.  The disk that cushions the joint moved out of place leaving me with limited mobility.   Which meant discomfort,  no whole apples…no suckers…I even had trouble eating burgers at times and difficulty singing (problematic because I sing on the praise team at my church).   I visited my dentist to have my bite splint adjusted and discuss what options there may be to unlock my jaw.  To my dismay the options were limited.  I have an appointment tomorrow so my dentist can attempt to move my jaw and put the disk back in place.  He wasn’t hopeful but it was one last effort before I see a TMJ specialist and possibly end up in surgery.  

Yesterday at church we prayed, a Godly people in our church laid hands on me.  And today I can open my jaw completely.   I am ashamed to say that I am shocked.   After 4 whole months I can eat an apple!

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