Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hoof Trimming......

I wish I could say we do everything right here on the farm; but the truth is we have so much to learn. We want to do the right thing, trouble is we just don't always know the right thing.......but we are learning and willing.

This morning we found one of our ewes, Mariah limping. We checked her over but we can't find anything wrong. Hooves are in need of trimming (which we do) but no swelling, nothing is hot. I feel so inept at times like these. Well, we are out here with the trimmers might as well do them all we decide. (I should mention that animals only become ill or lame unless it is really inconvenient, for instance today when I am really sick) I wasn't planning on trimming until May when the shearer comes but it is a good thing we did them today. One, they really needed it and spring brings lots of mud and two, the whether has pizzle rot :( We have separated him and begun treating the infection so hopefully all with be well. Pizzle rot is attributed to too much protein in their diet so we are going to have to do a bit of detective work. (We mainly feed hay)

So lessons were learned today. It seems farming is part science, part art and part hope.

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