Friday, February 27, 2009

One of our more unorthodox residents.......

This is Leon. Leon is a chameleon (aren't we clever? We also have a female hidden in another part of the house named Cami)

Leon is very anti-social (in the animal world it's classified as asocial) What that means is this: Leon bites. hard. From nose to tail Leon measures about 14 inches and although he has very small teeth, we have found from experience that it still hurts. Chameleons do not lend themselves to cuddling and we rarely handle them. They can't be trained to like human contact and over handling will cause them undo stress. They are also stressed if they see another chameleon which is why Leon and Cami are kept in separate rooms.

And for those of you who, it isn't true. Chameleons do not change color according their environment. They can, but color change is more indicative of mood. When Leon is really irritated he turns almost black. His coloring in these pictures indicates he's pretty okay with what's going on around him.

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