Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Sheep!

The Counting Sheep farm is home to 16 sheep at the moment! (We are hoping to add to that number next month when lambing starts....) Currently we have: 6 Registered Cormo Ewes, Kara, Paula, Grape, Lettuce, Rhoda and Marianne and one Register Cormo Ram; Herman. Technically Cormo sheep are registered by number, not name but we like names here on the farm!

Like many Spin Off readers, I fell in love with the Cormo breed after reading an article in the magazine. I started on my search for my very own Cormo! Alas, there was not one breeder to be found in Michigan. Knowing my husband as I do, I figured that was the end of that! But I was wrong.......thanks to another Cormo breeder now located in Michigan (Charlotte Epley) and to a kind breeder in Indiana by the end of the summer we had 7 Cormos plus on beautiful Cormo/Border Leceister cross! (Her name is Leah.)

The fleece on the Cormos is beautiful! It's staple length is 3"-5" and has a beautiful crimp. All Cormo wool is white, and many have crossed them with colored breeds to produce what is often sold today as "colored" Cormo. The Cormo breed was developed in Australia and brought over to the United States in 1976. The original American flock began with 12 bred ewes and 2 rams.

If you would like more information about the Cormo Breed click here.

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