Friday, March 13, 2009

Musings on a beautiful day......

The first day that I can do chores without wearing a coat is always a treasure.

The horses were fed and tucked in, rams were given their hay, bunnies were fondled and given their treats then off I went to visit with the ewes. I admit, I am picking favorites; (at least for now) but we are expecting lambs soon. I squat down behind them as they feed to see if they are bagging up. Before too long Grape comes to visit me. Seeing I have no grain in my hands she sniffs my nose. Feeling offended that I have kissed her cute little muzzle, she trots off. Of course, laying at my feet patiently waiting for a belly rub is Chewbacca. I treat his ears for mites and check for matts, cutting off the few I find. Soon Grape comes back for another sniff, and I steal another kiss. I have forgotten the hard work and how difficult it is to trudge out in the snow to check on a limping ewe.

God is good.

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