Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daily Life.....

Life is busy here at The Counting Sheep Farm. The day starts at about 6 am. The kids feed the animals and fold the laundry. I spend time studying my Bible and praying and then the wee ones come in for an episode of Gospel Bill or Storytellers.

Usually about 7:30 am, Twila comes to remind David that it is his job to water the rabbits and Jed needs to feed the cats. We start school promptly at 8:00am. I read a story to all the children, then the older ones are off to do school on their own. Twila, David, Jed, Josiah and I gather at the table for our school day. We use Sonlight Curriculm, so we spend a lot of time reading. Then it's time for math, reading and writing, oh and of course, science. Josiah has autism so school is a struggle for him at times but he really does his best and we are pleased with his progress. Josiah is doing much better than the doctors ever expected him too and we are thankful to God. Homeschooling blends well with farm life as there is always something to learn. Well, off to plant some seeds to get a jump start on the growing season! (Another science lesson!)

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