Friday, February 1, 2013

Meanwhile, out in the barn….

Twila claims that Bobbi’s little ram gives kisses.   I begin to lecture her about safety out in the barn but she begs to show me.  I agree when I see that she is safely behind the gate so there is no risk of a butt to the head…


And he really does come out for a kiss (well actually a bit of a nibble but super cute either way)


The little fosters help out with the duties in the barn too but because of privacy we won’t post their pictures or names.  They are so darling helping mom carry hay!


David and Jed have found the warmest spot in the barn! (Jed is milking from the other side!)


  1. Hi to Twila! Such cute kisses...

    1. I told her you said hi :) She said "oh sweet!" Ah tweens....


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