Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A View from the Barnyard…


After all the melodrama I thought I was time to talk sheep.  Sheep make everyone happy right?   The sheep pictured above are our Registered Cormo Ewes.  They are bred and due to lamb in a couple of months.  This breeding is with Jacques, our Ile De France ram.  Although because of his age we did send in a clean up ram (Herman, also a registered Cormo).  We made sure to space it so that we will easily know how the father is. Smile


This is Buttercup, now almost 3 years old.  As a lamb she was a favorite because she was so cute.  She even spent a few days in the house while we nursed her back to health.


Paula was one of our first Cormo sheep.  She came as a lamb and I thought she was never going to be as big as the other ewes.  As you can see she grew up nicely.  Paula is a bit of shy sheep and in a group she always hides her head down in the bunch.


A sneak peek of the this spring Cormo wool crop…


Leah came from the same farm as Paul in the same shipment.  Her beautiful brown wool is so soft and lovely and the bit of silver in it makes me want to hoard it all for myself!  The pregnancy before last was a bit touch and go because she is such an easy keeper.  She had gained A LOT of weight which caused her to prolapse.  She successfully delivered twin ewes and I learned all about sheep gynecology.   Now she is on a strict diet.


The is Beth, Leah’s daughter.  She has the same beautiful wool as her mom.


Another peek to tempt you…


These are our two calves,  Uriah and Minute.  Bet you can guess which one is which! (Hint, minute isn’t bigger than one!)


A view inside the barn where the pregnant ewes stay…


Ah, Pebbles…always first to the fence!


Someone has found a way to avoid the crowds at the round bale….

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  1. Missed seeing you this weekend at Shepherd's Weekend. But I understand you needed to be home. Thanks for the peek at your animals!


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