Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why I still want to do this...

I have talked a lot about RAD, what it is, how hard it must be wondering "then do you even want to do foster care/adoption?" The truth is there are moments when I don't...the screaming gets to be too much or I feel spread so thin you can see through me and I want to run away. But most of the time I love it. I bounce from issue to issue feeling God's amazing grace spur me on, I feel His pleasure and I understand that I am doing so much more than cleaning up pee or calmly removing a raging child from the room. I am investing in the next generation. I hope I am changing the life of a child but in the end I just know that God whispered and we answered.

Then why go on about how hard it is?Because maybe you work at an emergency room or a doctor's office and you don't understand why you can't comfort this cute crying child an exhausted mom has just brought in. Or you're a teacher and this RAD stuff just seems blown out of proportion...the RADish is always great for you. Maybe you are attending church with a family dealing with this and they seem so rigid about it all... junior is always sweet as pie when you see him. Maybe, just maybe you can do what someone who understands just did for me....a short text msg reminding me that I can do this, there is hope as I sit in the ER dealing with one very sick RADish and the other RADish screaming and putting on his best poor me face. If there is one less person out there that we have to explain this condition to there is one more person who can contribute to the hope.

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