Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steroids make you fat....

If you follow me on twitter (my8kidsmom) or like at the Counting Sheep Farm Facebook page you know I've been sick. What started out as a simple cold complete with a sore throat turned into tonsillitis with lots of pain and huge amounts of swelling. Of course when I saw my family doctor on Thursday only one tonsil was swollen and the pain was bearable. But as life would have it on Friday the swelling increased as did the pain ... but I could still tough it out. My hopes of waking better on Saturday were dashed and I ended up in the ER :(. I came home on steroids and with a bottle of what the nurse called magic mouth wash and a prescription for antibiotics and vicoden. Ahhhh I could sleep! I woke up this morning coughing my foul head off an hour before I could take my medicine (which is why I am in the living room whining to you) when suddenly I realized: STEROIDS MAKE YOU FAT! Not a big deal....unless you are in a Biggest Loser Contest and have to do your final weigh in before it wears off! Bllllaaahhhh!!!! I weighed myself just to see....yeah.not.good :(. But hey the swelling in my throat is significantly better.

Okay I am all done whining :). In my next post I will share pics of my newly painted living room!

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