Monday, May 9, 2011

The Last Cormo Fleece!


I have one more Cormo Fleece left for sale.  It weighs 4.5lbs and is $112.50 ($25.00 a pound)  It is a coated fleece and has been heavily skirted.   Email me at my8kidsmomm [@] yahoo [.] com if interested.  



Over at the Counting Sheep Farm group on Ravelry we have been working on crafts other than knitting for our May challenge.  I have been working like crazy on some quilting projects as part of our home redecorating project.   We have put in our applications to do foster care/ older child adoption (for those that know me, you know that I have had this on my heart for years) and are revamping the house to get ready for all that may or may not need to be changed or fixed.


We are going with the farmhouse/country theme with lots of florals and primitive whatnots.   The blocks above are for my daughter’s quilt.   We currently have her room torn to pieces.  All the wallpaper has been removed and I am patching the walls getting them ready for paint.


And because she is so crazy cute…..


I have been working on this quilt (also with Sunbonnet Sue) for my niece.  Isn’t it darling?   You can’t hardly go wrong with Sunbonnet Sue!

Sorry for the horrible pictures I only had a few minutes to snap ‘em before it was time to head outside with the little ones!

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