Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Swarm!

One of my son's hive swarmed Saturday. He has been sick (Ulcerative Colitis) and got behind. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a few pics!

Here is one of the resident bees checking out my foot :) No worries, she's a gentle lady.

In this picture you see brood that Joey uncovered while he was attempting to remove the queen cells.
Here are some queen cells under construction. When the hive gets too full, the girls start building queen cells so they can split the hive and take up residence elsewhere.
Here is the swarm heading back to the hive.......

BTW if anyone of you have any experience with colitis please contact me. Joey just received an official diagnosis Monday so we are in need of any tips any of you may have. Thanks!!

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  1. The bees are so cool!! My uncle use to have honey bees and he had the best honey and beeswax. Your son gets two thumbs up from me :)


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